Company Profile 会社概要

groupWeston was originally established in 1970 as a developer of custom interior design products for architectural interiors under the name designFactors in New York.

Today groupWeston is a product development company which takes ideas from inception through prototype and the patent process to final product.

The company develops high quality products mainly in the health, ecological item and sports equipment areas.groupWeston is dedicated to ideas and innovation to new and improved products which are beneficial to better living.

groupWeston now has over 15 US and international patents and pending patents, as well as other intellectual properties such as trademarks and copyrights.






マイケルー・ウォルフ Michael Wolfe: ディレクター
北條菫 Sumire Hojo: プランニングディレクター
北條恵 Kei Hojo: ジャパンリエゾンオフィス

Main Office in New York / ニューヨークメインオフィス
29 Millholland Drive West, Fishkill, NY 12524
tel: 1-845-440-7557, fax: 1-845-440-7557