MediQ Health & Protective Products

MicroAirScreen® is our high quality patented window micro screen that filters out environmental contaminants such as pollen, dirt and dust letting in sufficient quantities of air without the use of fans and blowers. They prevent the entry of rain even in heavy storms, so you can go to work and not worry. The MicroAirScreen has permanent precision filter material, which is washable and does not have to be continually replaced.

The Qmask® (now with adjustable ear loops) is a long life reusable face mask which utilizes MicroAirScreen® precision filter material that effectively filters out small p-articles such as dirt dust and pollen, yet is easy to breathe and comfortable to wear. It is great for allergies. Comes in white.

The µ2 sportsMask also uses MicroAirScreen technology but in a rugged neoprene cover. It is used in ATV, motorcycling, motocross as well as many other sports. It has been also used in military and police work.

The AlphaMask is an NIOSH approved N-95 Particulate Respirator, and is used where there is exposure to bacteria and viruses. It is an additional protection for H5N1 Bird Flu and influenza.It is rated by FDA for surgical use and has a Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) of 99.9% at 0.1 microns.

The MediQ Mask is a new patented protective mask with a mini pleat design which has more surface breathing area. It includes a curved nose piece for a tight fit and a soft earloop design for comfort.

Atopic Lanolized Underwear is a newly invented product from Japan, which combines lanolization with cotton fabric. This material is for people with sensitive skin.

The Perfection Coffee filter was an offshoot of MicroAirScreen technology even though it is differently engineered. It is a durable long life filter which can be put in the dishwasher. It traps silt grounds which make coffee more "muddy" yet slows down the drip process for a moment more to bring out richer flavor. It comes in #4 or #2 sizes and can also be used for straining cooking oil.