About groupWeston

groupWeston is a product development company, taking ideas from the drawing board through the patent process to final product.

In the area of healthcare products, groupWeston originally developed the MicroAirScreen® for the indoor relief of dust and pollen allergies. groupWeston later used the MicroAirScreen technology to develop the Qmask® for out door allergy relief as well as indoor tasks such as cleaning. QmaskPro for industrial, agricultural and construction and the µ2 sportsMask® for action sports.

groupWeston now has over 25 US and international patents and pending patents, as well as other intellectual properties such as trademarks and copyrights.

groupWeston also sells other products which are noted for their benefits in the health care area, such as the "Blueair" air cleaners and the new "Atopure" lanolized cotton underwear for sensitive skin.